Status Update

Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:37 am

We've been working pretty hard on Exitus hence the lack of updates for awhile. What exactly have we been doing, you ask? Well...

Engine Optimization
We really want to get a demo up for people to try, and because we want it to be a quality demo we've had to go back through and evaluate how we do some things. This actually resulted in a complete rewrite of how our game handles the rendering of the game levels to be way more efficient than our original model. Testing on even lower end hardware still results in the generation of a level within fractions of a second, and a smooth 60+ FPS.

Intelligent Enemy Spawning
Ever play a game where it feels like enemies unfairly popped out of thin air behind you? Or you somehow got ahead of a horde of monsters that will never catch you and the rest of the game just feels empty like that one time your long term boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you and you emptied several gallons of ice cream into the black void that used to be your heart? either!!! Ahem. We firmly believe that part of what makes a game fun is tension, and part of tension is always having the possibility of threat around every corner. This is still in testing but we firmly believe we're on track to have a system that keeps enemy encounters just right.

Ultimately we'd like to unveil a demo where you could play online with your friends, family, or really talented pet. This is probably the biggest time sink as writing networking code is hard. Since we're a procedurally generated game this makes networking especially complicated. Under normal circumstances you just have to worry about making sure that players and NPCs are sync'd across each client, and that what they're doing matches up for everyone for the most part. However it does get a bit more complicated when you're trying to create a level on the fly and make sure that everyone comes out with the exact same result.

Ultimately we've got the foundation of our game put in place, the challenge now is adding content and polishing things up. Keep an eye out for additional updates, and a playable alpha demo that should drop in the upcoming weeks. ;)


- Uncle_G